Laïta’s facilities

We are the leading dairy cooperative in Brittany and the Loire-Atlantique district of the Great West region of France, and also have a number of facilities abroad.

Rooted in the Great West region of France

We have six other industrial sites in addition to our head office in Brest (29), at Landerneau (29), Ploudaniel (29), Créhen (22), Lanfains (22), Yffiniac (22) and Ancenis (44), and an associate industrial plant in Pont-Scorff (56).

We also have several plants abroad, in Europe and Asia; valuable assets for our international presence.

The Great West of France and international presence


industrial sites in the Great West


branches in Europe


offices around the world

Regional force, international presence

Laïta head office


4, rue Henri Becquerel - CS 30302
29 806 Brest Cedex 9