Paysan Breton

The Paysan Breton brand was established over 50 years ago by and for our dairy farmers, to develop high-quality products and create a better living for themselves from their trade.

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A flagship brand from the Breton region, present in 90 countries worldwide

Paysan Breton traditionally combines quality with innovation to guarantee good, fresh, simple products such as butter, whipped cheese, crepes, cultured milk, Emmental, Brie, creme fraiche and more.

Paysan Breton has been one of the 50 best-selling agri-food brands in France for several years. With its range of everyday products that combine flavour with quality, the cooperative Paysan Breton brand can be found in one-in-two French households.

Paysan Breton products are made for the French and export markets via large and medium-sized supermarkets and away-from-home catering professionals.

Paysan Breton, a few figures


milk from Brittany and Pays de la Loire


Number of countries where the Paysan Breton brand can be found


supermarket brand in France for moulded butter


supermarket brand in France for plain spreadable cheeses with Madame Loïk whipped cheese


supermarket brand in France for cultured milk

"Au nom du bon" - In the name of goodness

Paysan Breton represents over 50 years of commitment to developing products based on responsible regional know-how made from top quality milk to simple, authentic recipes, with checks at every stage.

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