We market a wide range of dairy products for various types of customer, both in France and for export, under recognised brand names.

Broad and diverse customer base

We produce and market a diverse range of dairy products: consumer products such as butters and cheeses and ultra-fresh products, and also ingredients for industrial use, health foods and milk replacements for young mammals.

Strong brands and leading positions

Our flagship brands Paysan Breton and Madame Loïk, as well as our brands in partnership Mamie Nova, Régilait, have a very strong reputation in France and shine internationally.

We are leaders in several consumer markets (traditional molded butter, “Gourmet” fruit yoghurts, fermented milks and grocery milks), and recognized as a European reference for the manufacture of private label dairy products.

We are also recognized experts in the field of clinical nutrition and specific ingredients.

Product marketing in France and for export

Our dairy products are sold in large and medium-sized supermarkets, and in local shops, both in France and abroad. We also sell products for out-of-home (OOH) caterers and the agri-food, health food and bakery-viennoiserie-patisserie sectors.

Laïta for export

34 %

of turnover from exports


export countries


branches in Europe

Laïta also incorporates Laïta Professionnel

The Laïta Professional division sells many professional products for restaurants, bakeries, patisseries, caterers and the agri-food industry under its various brand names, which include Paysan Breton, Le Fromage Fouetté, Madame Loïk and Le Petit Moulé.

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The Laïta Professionnel range:

  • Fresh soft cheeses: from individual portions to over 10 kilos, smooth or textured, our fresh soft cheeses are the perfect ingredient for a variety of preparations (cheesecakes, sandwiches, bagels, appetisers, etc). A range of fresh, savoury soft cheeses such as Paysan Breton Cream Cheese in 1kg tubs or our Madame Loik range of whipped cheeses in 500g pots.
  • Cheeseboard cheeses: Laïta Professionnel also offers cheeseboard cheeses in portions, wedges and rounds (Brie, Camembert, Emmental, etc.).
  • Butter: unsalted, lightly salted and with Sel de Guérande salt flakes, available in three sizes (8g, 10g, 15g) and moulded butter.
  • Ultra-fresh products: Our wide range of ultra-fresh products includes yoghurts, fromage blanc and cultured milk. From 500g pots to 10kg tubs, our fresh dairy products will add a creamy element to any recipe.
  • Creme Fraiche: Our thick or liquid creme fraiche in 1kg pots, 5kg or 10kg tubs or containers will add body and balance to your dishes.

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