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Under the Epi Ingredients brand, we produce and sell dairy ingredients to the food industry; ingredients that are made from our producer members' milk and our dairy products manufacture. These products respond to specific functional, nutritional and taste requirements.

A wide selection of basic and processed ingredients

For 30 years, Epi Ingredients has been providing the agri-food industry with a wide selection of dairy ingredients across two ranges:

  • basic dairy ingredients: powdered skimmed milks, caseins and caseinates, whey powders, buttermilk powder.
  • processed products: yoghurt powders, butter powders.
Responding to the specific needs of manufacturers

Our dairy ingredients respond to the specific functional, nutritional and taste requirements of agri-food manufacturers in many different sectors: charcuterie, ready meals, the dairy sector, ice cream, health foods, beverages, bakery, viennoiserie, patisserie, chocolate-making, confectionery, etc.

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tonnes of dairy products per year

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As a multi-specialist in the dairy sector, we offer a wide range of dairy products: daily goods, dairy ingredients, health nutrition, young mammal feeds, etc.