We develop feed for lactation and nutritional supplements for young mammals. These feeds and supplements are made from fresh milk and are recognised for their nutritional quality.

Precision nutrition

Lactation feeds from milk collections

The lactation feeds we produce are mainly marketed under the Celtilait brand, but also under distributor brands. They are made from the fresh milk that we collect from our farmers, which means we can guarantee a regular supply and full knowledge of the processed raw dairy ingredients that go into them (skimmed milk powder, lactoserum, etc.)

Excellent nutritional quality

Plant-based fats rigorously selected for their palatability and digestibility are then added to ensure the lactation feed is of excellent nutritional quality. Replacing the fat via the wet-processing method at this stage improves the shelf life of the finished product and facilitates dilution at low temperatures. Lactation feed formulation is the subject of regular study and optimisation by a team of engineers. The quality process in place at every stage from design to production also means we can guarantee performance and digestive safety for our farmers.

Dietary supplements to support vitality and immunity

We also develop dietary supplements to give young mammals the help they need in the early days of life. These products are sold under the Oriane brand (known for its expertise in perinatal care) and distributor brands. There are two main ranges, created for different but complementary purposes:

  • nutritional supplements to boost immunity, made from colostrum obtained from the milk Laïta collects;
  • special supplements to help regulate the digestive disorders (gastric motility, dehydration, mineral deficiency) which often affect newborn animals.

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