Ultra-fresh products for all tastes

Fresh milk, yoghurt, creme fraiche and fromage blanc - we have one of the most extensive ranges of ultra-fresh products.

A wide range of everyday family essentials

Laïta makes ultra-fresh products for simple everyday goodness.We produce more than 40,000 tonnes of ultra-fresh products every year.

As a major player in the infant nutrition sector, we have developed a range of fun, practical packaging for our drinking yoghurt and fromage blanc (tubes, bottles and cups).

We also have a range of formulas with different levels of fat content for smooth, creamy products like fromage blanc, Skyr and stirred yoghurt.

They come in various packaging options since our priority is to respond to market requirements and the needs of consumers, young and old.

Cultured milk

We are a key player in the ethnic and regional cultured milk market.

Cultured milk is ideal for various uses either in cooking or as a drink; a treasure that can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Our products

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We produce and sell many everyday consumer products - butter, cheese, ultra-fresh products, concentrated and powdered milks, crepes.