With the skill of our teams and the efficiency of industrial tools, we are able to uphold our claim to excellence in milk processing.

Know-how for the achievement of excellence

As part of our daily commitment to excellence, we transform the milk we collect into quality products consistent with customer expectations and at an optimal production cost.

This drive for excellence manifests on a daily basis as a global system for milk quality assurance, improvement and innovation which responds to consumer demand and market developments.

Efficient organisation and effective tools

The expertise of our teams, our investment in modern, progressive machinery, our organisation into different sectors and the optimised management of our processes have enabled us to develop our activities and our partnerships sustainably and to become a benchmark operator in the milk products market.

Extensive know-how

Our extensive know-how means we can offer a wide range of products, arranged into four broad families:

consumer products: ultra-fresh products, cheeses, butters, household milk and crepes;

dairy ingredients: fresh dairy ingredients, powdered milk, whey, caseins and caseinates, processed ingredients, etc.;

health food products: clinical nutrition products, dietetic products, infant formulas and culinary aids;

food for young mammals: milk replacements and special nutritional products.