Butter for all tastes

Butter has been a speciality of ours for more than 50 years and we've developed a wide range of formats, flavours and textures to respond to every gourmet demand from our customers.

A major player in the butter market

Four ranges with long-established reputations

Butter takes pride of place amongst our products. There are four butter ranges, all with well-established reputations: moulded butters, packet butters, cartons and single portions. All our butter is made in Finistère Loire-Atlantique and sold all over the world; there’s something for every taste, from unsalted to salt crystals.

We currently produce around 45,000 tonnes of butter per year. That makes us one of the biggest dairy operators in France and the leading producer in Brittany.

Paysan Breton moulded butter - the no.1 traditional butter

Paysan Breton in Landerneau has created the first butter moulded the way it used to be 50 years ago.

With its pretty fluted edges and its iconic gingham packaging, it’s found a home in kitchens in France and the world over. Paysan Breton butter is the market leader in France and can be found in one-in-three French households. They regularly win awards for taste and quality at the Concours Générale Agricole - the General Agricultural Show.

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