A pioneer in the powdered milk sector in Europe, Régilait is now a major player in the retail sector for household milk.

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A well-known, trusted brand

Régilait was created in 1957 and is a pioneer brand in Europe, specialising in milk drying and creating instant powdered milk in the form of soluble granules. Its diverse range includes powdered milks (whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, flavoured), concentrated milks (sweetened, unsweetened, flavoured), spreads, individual milk pods and cans (café au lait frappé, chocolate milk).

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Milk for a variety of purposes

Régilait products are used for hot drinks, cooking or baking.

They are intended:

And also

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Laïta has its own brands (Paysan Breton, Even and Laiterie de Ploudaniel) and other brands that it owns jointly with partners (Mamie Nova and Régilait)

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